I produce re-imagined vintage-style cover illustrations for Decades of Style Pattern Company. In keeping with their brand look, all images are drawn (or re-drawn) from period reference using digital inking methods in Photoshop. Colors and textures are digitally painted in to give depth and to indicate suggested fabric characteristics.

  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-LeadingLady
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-DorothyLara
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-Sleek-Sleeve-Bolera
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-LilyJacket
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-Foxtrot-Bag
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-AliciaClaire
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-PointMadeGown
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-PBJ-Skirt
  • DLAS-Portfolio-DOS-BeachRomper