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excellence + Flexibility in Creative Services

25 Years of
to Detail

Dianna has built her career as an interdiscipinary creative services professional and marketing assistant. Primarily working with small, independently-owned businesses, she is detail-oriented, self-directed, friendly, and dependable. Her overall focus is on prompt, efficient, and meaningful service. Her mission is helping businesses grow in quality and depth one project at a time. 

There from the beginning:

Digital Graphics
Expertise Since 1993

Beginning as a paste-up artist at a mom-and-pop t-shirt shop, Dianna quickly taught herself Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop in 1993 and helped bring her employers strongly into the digital age. Since then, she has worked with every version of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and Acrobat on both Mac and PC, expanding her technical capabilities with each new version of Adobe Creative Cloud.  

Many Applications.

Dianna is an Adobe Creative Suite master user, with specialization in Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. She also uses Adobe Acrobat Pro, Lightroom, and Bridge for asset production and management. Adobe apps for iPad, Canva, and ProCreate are also part of her digital toolbox.

Varied Industries.

Although Dianna got her start designing custom t-shirts, she has designed for and worked with clients from many industries. Those include professional sports, collegiate licensing, sororities, youth groups, restaurants, rock bands, summer camps, contracting, manufacturing, and many more.

Always Improving.

No stranger to rapidly changing business landscapes, Dianna is continually adding to her skill set. From Zendesk to Hubspot,  HTML 5 to CSS 3, Google Analytics to project management certification, she is continually growing and improving on past lessons.

She can do that:

Did You know?


web support

Dianna currently uses WordPress with the Elementor plugin. Since 2003 she has created, updated, and maintained several other websites using various platforms, tools, and software.


video editing

Adept at video editing with Adobe Premiere and iMovie, Dianna is also current with sharing video through online services such as Vimeo, YouTube, and Facebook live!


project management

Dianna has managed countless projects for many employers since the early 90s. She is currently pursuing formal project management certification!

That's Not All:

Even More

A lifetime of creative study and practice means even more skills and expertise to offer.


Dedication to illustration for commercial applications has resulted in Dianna licensing her fabric designs professionally, illustrating sewing pattern covers, poster designs, and more. She works primarily in pen, ink, watercolor, and digital media.


Dianna paints in watercolor, gouache, and acrylic on paper. Like Gerhard Richter, her works span a variety of styles from non-representational color fields and expressionist works to photorealism, portraiture, and modernism.


A fourth-generation seamstress, Dianna makes (and wears) her own couture garments! Trained at home by her mother, a professional seamstress, she now consults for the home sewing industry on a freelance basis. She is also a cross stitch and embroidery enthusiast.


Self-taught since 2001, Dianna has expanded from knitting scarves to knitting lace shawls and luxurious accessories. A proponent of fiber art for relaxation and mental health, she has taught many others how to knit. She is also a crocheter.