Stonemountain & Daughter Postcard Coupons

From 2005 to 2014, I produced most of the printed advertising collateral for Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics in Berkeley, California. The store’s ownership printed and mailed quarter-page black-and-white postcards that both advertised the sale and served as the actual coupon. This paper-driven coupon system made it easy to track our top customers, as cards were turned in at the time a discounted purchase was made.


When I took over the design of the cards in 2005, each issue looked virtually identical. This created confusion, as some recipients mistook the new cards for a coupon from the previous sale. To change things up and create even more customer curiosity and anticipation, I designed distinctive postcards with seasonal graphics. I relied heavily on vintage-style clip art in keeping with Stonemountain & Daughter’s retro-60’s counterculture pastiche look. To make them even more attention-getting, sale postcards were printed on Astrobright card stock in a different color for each sale, so it was very easy to distinguish one card from another.


Stonemountain & Daughter’s paper postcards were gradually replaced by sale notices within a monthly email-based newsletter and were eliminated altogether as part of the store’s mission to increase environmental awareness.