Latest Work: Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences

Below are samples of work I have produced at Berkeley Lab as part of the Computing Sciences Directorate.
These works were produced in partnership with writers and scientists in CS and CS Communications.

Showcasing 5 Projects

Interactive Computing Timeline

This interactive timeline, produced using the Tiki-Toki timeline platform, takes viewers through a brief history of computing and data science at Berkeley Lab. The timeline features nearly 300 entries spanning 70 years and includes significant scientific advancements, Nobel Prize winners, mathematical and computational innovation, and an ever-changing lineup of computer hardware. Produced in partnership with scientists in Berkeley Lab’s CRD and CS divisions, with content and historical images contributed by CS Area writers and scientists across the Lab. Color design and layout developed with Margie Wylie, utilizing official Berkeley Lab colors and logo elements. This project earned a Spot Award in the spring of 2022.

Alvarez Seminar Series Webpage

I built the Alvarez Seminar Series page to facilitate this new speaker series in the CS Area of Berkeley Lab. It was assembled using Silverstripe CMS with content provided by the presenters, host, and CS Area writers. This page has frequent updates, with archived video talks moving to the lower section of the page as talks in the series are completed. I also assist with editing the videos with branded intro and outro graphics and other post-production as needed. As of August 2022, the maintenance of this page is an ongoing effort between myself and Margie Wylie.

CS Summer Program Web Pages

I built and maintained two web pages to support the 2022 Computing Sciences Summer Program at Berkeley Lab: The 2022 Welcome page and the 2022 Events & Talks page. The Welcome page features all events in a quick reference table, and the Events & Talks page features event links, biographical information about each speaker, talk abstracts, and links to archived slides and videos. I worked with Summer Program Chair Osni Marques, CS Area admins, and writers to keep both pages updated. This meant daily updates to both pages for several weeks. Both pages were created and assembled using Silverstripe CMS. I also prepared the archived slides using Adobe Acrobat and processed videos using Vimeo and YouTube tools.

Carousel Updates to CS Area Homepages

Each major CS Area website displays a carousel of featured news items on the homepage. These are updated as major news stories and discoveries are published. To produce these carousel updates, I write an abbreviated headline and blurb to fit the space available. Images are sourced from scholarly publications, royalty-free stock image sources, or other Berkeley Lab assets. Although I share this task with other CS Communications staff, the examples shown in the link below represent my own portion of those featured items.

Layout & Design for CS Area Newsletter

Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences circulates a department-wide newsletter to all of its team members on a bi-weekly basis. While this is a group effort that brings together the work of all the CS Area writers and their news sources, I occasionally step in to provide layout and design support. The examples provided below represent my contributions. All newsletters are produced in MailChimp. Images are provided by scientists, Berkeley Lab, or from royalty-free sources.

All work on this page produced by Dianna LaFerry in partnership with Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences.